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Our Story

Olfactive Parfums was conceptualised to introduce the developing world to high-quality fragrances through its new-age Savoir Faire brands, familiarity with a fresh twist. Olfactive envisions to provide affordable sustainable luxury fragrances to the modern, contemporary consumer. A consumer who is encouraged to add playfulness and fun to their everyday lives!

Our fragrance collections are created by the world’s most talented perfumers, using the finest perfume oils, blended at high concentrations to provide the wearer with outstanding quality and performance, at really affordable prices.

We make emotive, uncomplicated fragrances designed to make you feel good. All our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and fun to use.

At Olfactive, we believe the ritual of applying fragrance is short but meaningful. We hope that when you apply any Olfactive Scent, you experience a moment of joy that adds a skip to your step and a twinkle in your eye.

Our Business

Perfume Brands Creation

Olfactive designs and develops affordable sustainable luxury perfumes for the modern, contemporary consumer. We use 100% pure, cruelty free and the highest quality natural perfume oils and extracts from sustainable sources around the world. We work with master perfumers to bring variety and depth to our collections.

Celebrity Brands Collaboration

We collaborate with creators, sportspersons, creative arts performers, musicians to bring emotive fragrances to life. These fragrances bring forth their personalities and help them connect with their fans and communities.We create engaging digital content along with our collaborators to express their struggles and stories in a raw, unabashed manner to connect with their audience.

Brand Licensing

We work with the best fashion houses, sporting teams and heritage brands to bring their stories to other parts of the world, primarily emerging markets. We partner with them, create their fragrance products and amplify their brand reach to previously untapped territories, customers and demographics.

Warehousing & Distribution

Olfactive has a history of acting as distribution partners for global fragrance brands. We have built a formidable and efficient network of distribution partners and warehouse facilities all over Asia, Middle East and Africa.We work with brands across the market segment – from Masstige to Niche.

Our Brands



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